Friday, May 29, 2009

demo reel

demo reel take 1 from Rob Aird on Vimeo.

Here's the first go at a demo reel. I still need to tighten a few shots up but until then here it is.


Eat Rice Crew said...

I'm digging it. I still need to make one but I don't think I have enough work to put one together. Sigh.

Mel (of the McCann variety)

Rob Aird said...

Thanks. This is the first one I've really ever put together and it's six months after I graduated. I wouldn't necessarily worry about it too much unless you need one right this second, though not having one and then someone asks to see your stuff kind of sucks. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to start putting one together anyways.

ChrisHoobler said...

this is great nicely done sir!

Rob Aird said...

Thanks Chris! Your words are very kind.