Friday, April 4, 2008

The third dimension

This is my first real attempt at a 3D character. The pose is a little strange and it's probably not the best model in the world, but I'm fairly happy with it. He's based off of the plague doctors from the middle ages, though I modernized the design a little. The mask they wear looks frightening, and if they show up at your door it's never a good sign. They went around Europe confirming that plague victims were as good as dead and then they would go about their day. The masks were originally bronze and the snout was used to hold herbs that would supposedly prevent the doctors from contracting the plague, though for my purposes the mask is less for function and more for symbolism.


virgochan said...

Creepy dude.. was this the guy you were working on last semester? Did you make him walk, or was that someone else?

Also, how did you find me? :0

Rob Aird said...

Yeah, I made him last semester. I didn't make him walk though.

I think you commented on someone elses blog and that's how. I don't really remember.